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The L.I.F.E. Team

CEO & Founder Rudy Saint Felix

Rudy Saint Felix, born in Brussels Belgium, raised in Queens New York, has over 14 years working with the youth. He had the privilege to work with New York City's inner-city youth at Camp Victory Lake under the direction of Director Garnet Morris, Youth Director for the Northeastern Conference in New York City. He then attended Oakwood University in Huntsville AL, where he earned his degree in Psychology. It was then that he worked at a level fourteen for DYS and DHR minors called New Beginnings Three Springs. His college professor Dr. Pam Cook designed the program there. 

He later took his talents to Los Angeles to work with both probation and foster youth under the direction of Mr. Clarence Brown, Executive Director of Eggleston Children and Family Services. It was there that he and long time college friend Ronald Walbrook developed The L.I.F.E. Program. After just 3 years of pilot programs, the program was recognized by Los Angeles County of Education, and they were contracted to conduct this program throughout Los Angeles County.

CFO & Founder Ronald Walbrook

Ronald Walbrook was born and raised in the Bronx N.Y. at age 16 he was already touching young lives and making a difference at a sleep away camp, Camp Victory Lake in Hyde Park New York. Working at the camp came out of necessity as a summer respite from the city life, however proved to be a teaching and learning experience. Working at the camp Ronald realized that every camper had a story, as he himself did. The only difference was, that he had a mentor to fill the void that was created, coming from a single parent household. Ronald's mentor turned out to be Melcher Monk, the principal at his high school. Mr. Monk was Ronald's motivator and one of his biggest supporters.

Throughout his journey Ronald vowed to be a mentor to youth, which motivated him to take on more responsibility. Therefore during his 11 years of service at Camp Victory Lake he went from counselor to director, using the skills he learned to teach others to work with youth. It was here he realized what his calling in life. Ronald attended Oakwood University, a well know HBCU in Huntsville Alabama where he received his Bachelors of Science in Psychology. Upon relocating to Southern California, in September 2005, with his longtime college roommate and co-founder of the L.I.F.E. Program, Rudy Saint Felix, an everyday conversation birthed the idea that displaced youth would be motivated to pursue higher education if they had with a few dedicated mentors willing to teach them the tools they would need to be successful in today's ever changing society. So with this information the L.I.F.E. Program emerged. Ronald Walbrook is also a proud member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc, which promotes higher education and good citizenship.

Secretary Kanita Bourne

Kanita D. Bourne, LCSW, born and raised in Queens, N.Y. always had a passion for working with youth. Early on Kanita realized that many youth were not blessed with supportive parents, as she was, and she yearned to provide them with the same guidance her parents gave her. As a high school student she began her journey working with inner-city youth as a counselor at Camp Victory Lake in Hyde Park, New York. Since that time Kanita's life and education have centered around the development of skills that would enable her to provide needed services to the nation's most vulnerable population, its children.

A masters graduate of Loma Linda University with a specialization in child welfare, Kanita has 9 years of experience in professional social work dedicated to empowerment and enhancing quality of life for cross-cultural individuals and families through applying her extensive range of social work specialties. Throughout her career Kanita has been exposed to helping an array of children and families with different obstacles to overcome including: teen pregnancy, attachment, school problems, divorce, depression, trauma, anxiety, chronic mental illness, and abuse. Kanita is particularly interested to helping others grow and develop along their life journeys. She endeavors to provide a supportive therapeutic, learning environment in which clients may become empowered and move towards a greater “quality of life.” To this end, Kanita continues to develop her to develop her knowledge, skills, and abilities continually pursuing educational endeavors in order to assist her youth L.I.F.E. (Live Independently for Eternity).

L.I.F.E. Program Director Duana Sims

Duana Sims was born in Los Angeles, and like many former foster youth she was no stranger to change and transition. Duana was raised in New Mexico, Idaho, Mississippi, Jamaica and all over California to name a few. The oldest of 9 children she had to grow up quickly as she became caregiver for many of her siblings and the legal guardian of her youngest brother at the tender age of eighteen. Duana is not unfamiliar with the struggles faced by youth in the “system.” However, she was persistent and resilient, after spending four years and graduating from David & Margaret Youth and Family Services. Duana graduated from New Mexico State University with a degree in Behavioral Science.

Overcoming adversity in her own life she found her calling working with underprivileged youth returning to David & Margaret as a motivational speaker. There she sought out to inspire young girls who were working diligently to put their lives in order as well as those who may have lost hope. Since then, she has been working closely with young people throughout Los Angeles County who have suffered as a result of neglect and abuse, as well as those placed in juvenile hall as a result of poor life choices. Duana’s resiliency has taught her that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and she is determined to be that light for others as she works closely with Eggleston Children and Family Services, and as a L.I.F.E. Program Instructor.

L.I.F.E. Instructor Marisol Garcia

Marisol Garcia has been an instructor for the L.I.F.E program since December 2013. Born in Los Angeles and raised in Montebello, CA, Marisol’s passion is to be the best role model that she can be to her 3 children and make a positive difference in the lives of the youth of today because she believes that they are truly our TOMORROW. Since pursing a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work at California State University, Los Angeles in 2003, she has contributed to several influential organizations, schools and programs including LA’s BEST (after school program) at Bushnell Way Elementary, Nimitz Middle School as well as Hart Community Homes. 

Marisol brings over 10 years of professional experience with youth includes expertise with assessments, individual counseling sessions, and development of enrichment curriculum to name a few. She believes that the ability to guide, strengthen and prepare our youth for a brighter future is truly a blessing and looks forward to continuing to bless others with her instruction in the LIFE program.

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