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The Journey

Our curriculum is hands-on

Dress for Success

Choosing the right suit, and the right tie, for the right job. Preparing our graduates to be competitive in today's job market is one of our primary responsibilities. Each students is taught to separate themselves from the competition by dressing for success and learning to interview.

Tailor Made

Each student is tailor fitted into their interview suit. Special attention is given to the interview attire that they pick out themselves.  This allows our graduates to feel more confident before going out and connecting with prospective employers.

Birth Certificates

This is the first step to helping our youth gain their independence. Each student is taken to obtain their birth certificate. This is one of the first steps to them finding out who they are in life and where they came from. This is key to the development of their identity.

State Identification

Each student is taken to the department of motor vehicles to obtain an official state identification.  This is one of the many tools that they will need moving forward with their independence. 

Cooking Class

While we love Hot Cheetos and Cup-o-Noodles, the importance of learning to prepare a well balanced meal is promoted during the cooking and shopping portion of our program.  World renowned Chef Alexander Reyes takes our class on a cultural adventure by preparing dishes from around the world at his Saute Culinary Academy.

Building character through giving back

Nothing can compare to the experience of helping those who are in need. So many different life lessons are learned during this enrichment project.  Bringing joy to those who have fallen on hard times is a privilege and an honor. A helping hand and a smile can go a long way.

Skid Row

From preparing and serving meals, to cleaning tables, and mopping floors, our students do all they can to assist those in need. 

Financial Literacy

Managing money, balancing a bank account, and learning the difference between a credit card and a debit card are vital skills that are not being taught in schools. We are privileged to partner with Wells Fargo to educate our students on these important fundamentals.

Opening bank accounts

Once our students have the knowledge and know how to manage money, and have completed financial literacy, they are now ready to have their own checking and/or savings account in their name.

Professional email and resume

Though they are millennials born in the "dot .com" era, the importance of having a professional email and resume is key to obtaining employment and applying for schools. 


From eating at your favorite fast food spot, to dining at a 5-star restaurant, our students learn the importance of conducting themselves appropriately to fit the dinner setting that they find themselves in.  Knowing the difference between a salad fork, dinner fork, or an oyster fork, our students learn it all.


Our organization currently provides services in Los Angeles County.

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