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To promote good youth citizenship by preparing young adults to live independently, and equip them with the necessary tools to become successful in today's every-changing society. 

Using the Do Principle, we provide a unique, intensive, hands-on life skills curriculum & mentoring program for our students who join a lifelong network of support to succeed.

The Do Principle

The "Do Principle" is a teaching method derived from an old proverb developed by the Chinese philosopher and reformer Confucius. There are 3 basic types of learning styles; visual, auditory, kinesthetic. Growing up, we as children, we depend on these senses to process the world around us. As we get older, we rely on the use of one of those senses more than others. The "Do Principle" is a perfect fusion of all 3 learning styles in one. It ensures that every student is able to absorb the information being taught.

"It was crazy because I didn't think I could even go to college, let alone Howard University!"

- Wayne Jackson

LIFE Program Graduate

"The LIFE Program helped give me the confidence to make my dream to pursue nursing a reality."

- Letticia Gomez

LIFE Program Graduate

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